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About Rika Henry

Rika began her yoga practice at the age of 43 in 2011, starting with Vinyasa, in an effort to learn greater patience. In 2015, she turned to a dedicated Ashtanga practice, and in 2016, moved from Texas to New York City to deepen her practice with guidance from her Ashtanga teacher, Eddie Stern. She also started learning techniques from flexibility coaches, contortionists and hand balancers. 

Rika has been teaching Vinyasa, Power Yoga, Ashtanga and flexibility classes since 2012. She has taught over 20,000 hours of group and private classes, workshops, and teacher training. She is registered as an ERYT-500 with Yoga Alliance and a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider.

Without a dance or gymnastics background, never having even cartwheeled as a child, Rika was neither strong nor flexible when she started her yoga practice, Rika relies mostly on her discipline, dedication and devotion as a practitioner.

Rika's analytical mind and observant eye make her a unique yoga teacher. She strongly believes in the importance of maintaining equilibrium between the body and mind, and balancing both flexibility and strength. 


Rika created her own unique style of teaching, "Amplified Vinyasa." Her fast paced method improves both physical and mental strength, as well as flexibility, and stamina. Students are challenged with arm balances and inversions seamlessly woven together with creative sequence set to the steady beats of electronic music. 



Rika group classes can be taken exclusively at Equinox NYC. View her class schedule here.

Please email for private lessons, corporate classes and events.

You can also practice with Rika anywhere you go!
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Yoga Retreat 2024

June 17-22 & June 22-27, 2024. Portugal

*Only a few spots left for the first week; waitlist only for the second week*

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