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Hi There, 

Thank you for your interest. This is currently a subscription service for my online videos and live streaming classes. It includes access to all live stream classes, video classes, live recording classes, tutorials and online workshops until July 31. Renewal subscription will be available month to month. 
Currently, there are 44 video classes, 20 tutorials and three online workshops available 24/7 for subscribers. We will upload 8-12 new live recording classes at the beginning of the month. 


The subscription also includes a 60-minute live stream power yoga class 6 days a week. Our live stream class schedule is as follows: Monday–Thursday at 6pm ET and Saturday–Sunday at 8:30-9:30am ET.


The subscription is $80 for the month of July for new subscribers, and $60 for renewing students, payable via Venmo: @Rika-HenryYoga.  


Please notify me right away via WhatsApp after payment to expedite your access. My number for WhatsApp is: 3127539491.


We're busily working on this project! Thank you for your support and stay safe.




Rika Henry. ERYT500 YACEP

Venmo: @Rika-HenryYoga

WhatsApp: 3127539491

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