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Q: Why a subscription, and not one class at a time?
A: Most of my subscribers are dedicated yoga practitioners, if you usually take classes 3-5 times per week with me, the subscription should work out financially. I always encourage people to practice often, so If you practice 3 times a week with me, it will work out $6 per class. In fact most of my subscribers practice 3+ times per week with me.


Q: When are your live yoga classes?
A: Sun- Fri 6-7p ET, all my subscribers will receive a link at 5:50p


Q: Are you planning to add on more live classes at different times?
A: Not right now, as it
 takes more than just myself to ensure the one hour class experience is as close to my in-person classes as possible. We do spend a lot of time recording video classes so all subscribers can have the freedom to practice through one of the 18 flows and 14 tutorials any time they want. We will also be adding fresh, new classes at the beginning of May. 

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